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Test participants

Will you be taking a cognitive abilities test or personality questionnaire? As part of a selection process or in order to gain insight into your development potential, for instance? And would you like to know how these tools work and what questions you can expect? We will explain it to you.

Our questionnaires offer insight into your talents, qualities and growth potential. This information is not only important to your (future) employer; make sure you make use of it yourself as well!

Questionnaires and tests are reliable ways of determining talents, qualities and growth potential. PiCompany´s tools offer insight into people´s personality, behavior, drives and cognitive abilities.

The results will be incorporated into online reports. These reports offer answers to important career and development questions. These will lead to better choices regarding your career and personal development. Check out PiCompany´s reports to get an impression:

  • Identify – tools for a quick pre-selection of talent
  • Match – tools for the matching and selection of talent
  • Develop – tools for the development of talent

Preparation cognitive abilities test 
You will shortly be participating in PiCompany’s Connector Ability. This intelligence test gives an indication of how quickly and easily you are able to solve problems and take in new information. In order to get an impression of what is awaiting you, you can take a practice test. The practice test does not necessarily have to correspond with the test that you will be taking during your assessment, but by getting familiar with the process and the way in which questions are posed, you will be able to fully focus on content during the official test.

Practicing the cognitive abilities test* 
In order to be able to practice, you will need to fill in the form. Your data will be treated very carefully and confidentially, will not be made available to third parties and will not be used to any other commercial ends. In line with the Privacy Act, your personal data and test results are not accessible to unauthorized individuals. Click here for more information regarding your privacy

More information can be found in the manual and in our FAQ. Would you like to read through the test results and a number of sample questions at your leisure? Download the Candidate Brochure BAMA or the Candidate Brochure Vocational education.

*We are continuously working on development to improve our tests. This practice test has been given a new look and feel, the content of the test remains unchanged. If you were to encounter technical issues or would like to give us feedback do not hesitate to contact us via servicedesk@picompany.nl

    Practice test
    To meet your request we need to store your data. Our Privacy policy sets out the principles on which we process personal data collected through this website.