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Talent Analytics

Do you want to successfully respond to market developments? Talent Analytics generates powerful insights into talent that allow you to take better, strategically well-considered HR decisions.

The market requires your organization to quickly and flexibly respond to changes. A thorough understanding of the talents of employees can be helpful in this regard.

You want to have good insight into the qualities and talents of your employees, such as personality characteristics, cognitive abilities, competencies and drives. Talent Analytics offers those insights. With a systematic and data-driven approach we support parts of the HR policy, including selection processes, management development programs and career paths within an organization.

PiCompany collects talent data regarding your employees, your teams and your organization based on scientifically validated online assessment tools. This data will let you generate powerful insights that allow you to make better, strategically well-considered HR decisions. This way, you can make use of your employees’ talents in a more focused fashion and motivate your employees to develop further, so that they will perform better.

When you take it a step further and embed talent analytics as a continuous process in your HR organization, you will be able to use data-driven insights to keep your personnel planning efficient and effective at all times.

Our solutions for Talent Analytics

  • Talent Analytics

Talent Map

Talent Map provides quick and reliable insight into talent within your organization

  • Behavior
  • Drives
  • Intelligence
  • Personality
  • Effectief selecteren
  • Talentmanagement

Talent Map provides quick and reliable insight into talent within your organization

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