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Talent management

PiCompany is equipped with all the building blocks required for advanced talent management. Focused on people. Data-driven. So that you will be able to take better-considered, strategic HR decisions.

Talent management

Talent management: insight into the potential of employees

Organizations that are performing well, have good insight into their available talent, and utilize and develop this talent in order to improve their performance and realize their ambitions. This way, they can effectively anticipate future developments. People´s talents, qualities and potential are not always directly visible, but they can be measured.

By making talents measurable and by analyzing talent data, organizations gain insights that allow them to make better, strategically well-supported decisions. On an organizational and team level, as well as on the level of the employees.

The building blocks for talent management 
PiCompany has the knowledge and building blocks that allow you to develop talent management in your organization, in a modern and advanced way. Depending on your needs, we can support you in developing and customizing fully integrated talent management programs. We can also help you with the implementation of focused singular solutions, of course. 

Our consultants provide day-to-day support during the design and the implementation of integral solutions. In our certification training courses users learn how to interpret these online HR tools. And how to provide neutral and value-free feedback on the results. 

Online solutions 
Insight in the talent of individuals is crucial for every organization. It clarifies to what extent people and teams can develop themselves and meet new demands. PiCompany is equipped with reliable and valid, advanced online assessment and development tools that allow us to identify, match and further develop the talent, potential and behavior of employees, in an objective fashion. This way, it becomes crystal clear which interventions are needed and which elements can best be aimed for on the job. 

Talent analytics 
We can also support organizations in the use of their Talent Analytics. Talent Analytics allow you to generate powerful insights into talent, that allow you to take better, strategically well-considered HR decisions. You can, for instance, gain insight into the competencies and development potential of employees. This will help you make well-founded and realistic choices regarding development. 

With our user-friendly Self Service Portal you can manage our online tools independently. You can manage questionnaires, view reports, and monitor the progress of the process.

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