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Effective selection

Make sure that you are getting the right people on board. PiCompany provides a data-driven and people-oriented approach. This way, you will be able to make well-considered, selection decisions.

Effective selection

How do you select the people that suit the ambitions of your organization?

Poor decisions cost time, energy and money. Good selection decisions ensure that people feel challenged and give the best they have to offer. 

Challenges of effective selection

  • Which competencies do we need to realize our ambitions?
  • Who should you hire in order to realize these ambitions?
  • How can we quickly, cleverly and affordably pre-select the right candidates from a pool of hundreds of applicants?
  • How do we give our employees insight into their personal talents and capacities, for instance when it comes to creating a personal development plan?
  • Which employees have the potential to grow towards a higher management position?
  • Which online solutions are best suited for effective selection?

Full control over the selection process PiCompany supports you in developing and implementing high-quality selection processes. Subsequently, you can decide for yourself which parts you want to take care of with your own people and which parts you will be outsourcing. Some of the things we can do for you:

  • Composing selection profiles: what characterizes people who are successful on the job? How do we translate that knowledge into selection criteria?
  • Creating a selection process that is as effective and efficient as possible.
  • Certifying your employees in the use of our selection tools.
  • Strengthening the interviewing techniques of your employees.

Pre-selection of the best candidates
Sometimes there are a lot of applicants for a position, or you constantly need new employees for certain positions. In such instances, dealing with letters and CVs or matching criteria and test scores with the desired profile, can take up a lot of time (and money). PiCompany supports you with a cost-saving, transparent and candidate-friendly online procedure. We allow you to select in a professional, standardized and objective manner. Subsequently, you will only be interviewing the best matching candidates.

Knowledge and inspiration

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