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Competency and performance management

Manage your employees on their behavior and results, and ensure that they continue to develop themselves. PiCompany provides a practical, data-driven and people-oriented approach.

Competency and performance management

Improve performance, develop talent

A new strategy, a different market segment. More sales, higher margins. Performance management is indispensable in realizing objectives. In doing so, these organizational objectives are matched with the ambitions and talents of the employees. The prerequisite for success.

Effective management based on behavior yields a lot of advantages for organizations. Not only can organizations better connect with the (hidden) talents of employees; they can also make optimal use of the available potential. Naturally, these efforts are all geared towards realizing the organizational strategy. And with the changing world around us, more and more is expected of employees as well as organizations. Competency and performance management are about describing, discovering and developing behavior. Behavior that is essential to achieving results; in terms of quantifiable performance improvement, commitment and personal growth.

Performance management issues 
How do we translate the organizational strategy into concrete behavior? How will we be able to put the right people in the right position? How do you achieve effective management based on behavior and results? How do we ensure that the HR performance management review cycle actually contributes to the company results? A selection of our clients´ frequently asked questions when it comes to competency and performance management. Behavior determines success Successful organizations invest in the competencies of the people who work for them. They ensure that employees wish to continue to develop their behavior. The behavior of employees is an essential link between organizational goals and the realization of said goals. It determines the value of the contribution that employees can deliver to their working environment. Furthermore, behavior also determines the working atmosphere and culture.

Focused and effective development requires customization 
So long as the human dimension is the guiding factor, performance-oriented management delivers the best results when it comes to behavior, performance and development. There is little sense in investing in the development of behavior that does not suit the natural disposition of an employee. People are not all equally capable of excelling at certain aspects of their job. Whether an employee will develop himself/herself depends on the degree to which they are already displaying the desired behavior, as well as their personality. The latter determines the development potential for the desired behavior and the associated competencies. Focused and effective development requires customization!

From talents and ambitions to behavior and results: a practical approach PiCompany helps you translate the talents and ambitions of individual employees into behavior and results that matter to the realization of organizational objectives. PiCompany has extensive experience when it comes to designing a practical and uniform approach to the management of behavior, results and development. Among other things, we support organizations in:

  • Developing a vision on results
  • Creating job profiles
  • Developing practical competency and performance management with a clear competency language that allows for effective management of behavior and results
  • Mapping competencies & talents, career values and cognitive abilities
  • Training and coaching employees, managers and HR professionals

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