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With our user-friendly Self Service Portal, you can manage our online tools yourself. You can independently manage questionnaires, view reports, and monitor the progress of the process.

All tools for talent management in your own hands. This way, you can quickly respond to selection and developmental issues. Participants can fill in the questionnaires online, anywhere and anytime.


Within the Self Service Portal, you can easily select the tools that you want to use. And subsequently you will be able to select which combination of reports will be made available. Additional and more in-depth reports can quickly be retrieved through smart reuse of already available personal test data. The portal can easily be extended with new online tools.


The strong points

  • All tools for talent management in your own hands
  • Clever (re)use of already available test data for various ends
  • Internationally usable
  • User-friendly and easy to use technology

What does it yield?

  • Overview of questionnaires in use
  • Portfolio structure
  • Time gain
  • Flexibility

Direct contact?

Debby  Bish-Vlooswijk

We’re happy to help you
Debby Bish-Vlooswijk
Sales internal service