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Performance Improvement Plan

Improve performance, develop talent

If employees know where their talents lie, they begin to perform better AND take more pleasure in their work. This contributes directly to the success and achievement of your organization.

With the Performance Improvement Plan, employees discover who they are and what they can do. As a result, they know which competencies to put their energy into to develop further and perform most effectively.


  • Combines personality with behavior.
  • Contributes to talent development.
  • Development tips.


  • Develop

This report measures

  • Behavior
  • Personality


  • Talent management
  • Competency and performance management
For whom and when

How do you guide employees who want to use their talents (even) better and improve their performance?

Performance Improvement Plan establishes a link between personality and a number of competencies, selected in advance by you and your employee. As a result, you discover which competencies suit them and where they can best put their energy into developing further.

You can use the results directly in career development paths.

Working method

Performance Improvement Plan combines information about someone’s current work behavior (Reflector 360) and someone’s talents, based on personality (Reflector Big Five Personality).

Performance Improvement Plan provides answers to the questions:

  • What are someone’s qualities?
  • Which competencies should they develop further?
  • Which competencies should they not put too much effort into developing?

The questionnaires of Performance Improvement Plan are user-friendly and accessible online. Your employees can complete the questionnaires at a time and location of their choice.

Following completion of the questionnaires, a clear personal report is generated which combines the results of the questionnaires.

Results and reporting

The report provides clear insight into someone’s talents based on their personality (Who am I?) and someone’s current work behavior (What do I do?).

The report states clearly which competencies someone does or doesn’t possess. And at the same time states whether this competency is worth developing. In doing so, the report distinguishes four quadrants: Monitor, Maintain, Exploit and Develop.

Support and certification

You can get to work independently with Performance Improvement Plan. PiCompany supports you setting up the user-friendly Self Service Portal (SSP). With this portal, you can manage questionnaires for participants 24/7. Participants can fill in the tests and questionnaires online, anytime and wherever they want. We will provide a digital manual for the SSP. If you have any further questions, please contact our service desk:

E: servicedesk@picompany.nl
T: 0031 (0)88 44 87 050.

Certification training 

Certification is required for the interpretation and feedback of the Performance Improvement Plan results. PiCompany provides this certification training. Certification authorizes you to interpret the test results and to discuss the report with the participant. This way, you can then manage the test entirely in your own system.

Read more about our certification training sessions

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Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Certification Training

For correct interpretation and feedback of our Performance Improvement Plan tool

    Following successful completion of this training, you are certified as a competent test user of Reflector Big Five Personality and Reflector 360.