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Global job standard created at Unisys

Global job standard created at Unisys

Behavior and competencies of Service Delivery Managers in a group image

Unisys is a global supplier of information technology for complex IT issues. A very important role within Unisys is that of Service Delivery Manager. PiCompany analyzed the behavior of these SDMs and their development potential. They then processed the results in a (very recognizable) group image to establish the growth paths which would deliver the maximum from the combination of SDM-customer.

“Through the tools of PiCompany, we have acquired an objective image of our Service Delivery Managers and which environment best suits them. This enabled us to put the right people in the right position.” Davy van Iersel, Commercial Sector Services Director EMEA, Unisys

The point was that Service Delivery Managers work everywhere at Unisys, but that there competencies were not standardized in that role and adapted to the situation. Moreover, the role of SDM had changed over the last few years: they were formerly primarily responsible for the provision of standard contracts, whereas nowadays they must also manage customer satisfaction and have a working knowledge of innovation, sales and cost management. We wanted to know what specific competencies an SDM at Unisys needed to possess and where we stood with our current population.”

Tests with no language barrier
“PiCompany made assessments of 63 of our Service Delivery Managers from across the whole of Europe, so that we had a zero reading. A nice side effect was that language played no role; PiCompany ensured that participants could complete their assessments in their own language. The assessments analyzed the behavior that managers actually demonstrated in practice and their development potential. PiCompany incorporated these results in a group image and the results fed back, in English, to each participant personally. We also presented the group image to upper management; it appeared very familiar! We found some hidden gems which we would otherwise not have known about.”

Identifying development potential 
“We were able to make a number of choices based on these insights. We could adapt the SDM to the type of customer. We discussed with our people whether they suited their role. That sometimes led to other positions, but we also identified the youngsters who had the development potential to become an SDM. People who wanted to grow into the role of SDM now first complete an assessment by PiCompany—for which we have a standard contract.”

Why did we opt for PiCompany:

  • Design of international competency profile for Service Delivery Manager
  • Identification of the individual talents for this role
  • International test opportunities
  • Objective image of talents and competencies