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Damen Shipyards wants to continue to innovate on the international market

Damen Shipyards wants to continue to innovate on the international market

Online HR tools contribute to international shipbuilding innovation

As a fast-growing family business, you have to have your HR to continue to innovate and deliver quality on an international market. Global Talent Manager Lotte van Mourik of Damen Shipyards explains how the Self Service Portal of PiCompany contributes to this.

“Thanks to PiCompany’s tools, we all speak the same competency language. As a result, the quality of our recruitment and development interviews has improved enormously.” Lotte Romijn van Mourik, Global Talent Manager Human Resources, Damen Shipyards
With 11,000 employees globally, of which 3,000 are in the Netherlands, we have become a significant global player in the shipbuilding sector. An attractive, but unruly market. This is reason enough for us to continually seek new growth markets and to improve internal processes, continuing to innovate and maintaining focus on quality. It is logical, therefore, that we focus our HR agenda on this and in doing so that we embrace standardization and employer branding.

Self Service Portal 

“The custom-designed Self Service Portal of PiCompany—which includes a 24/7 available capacities and personality test—is utilized as an HR tool for recruitment, onboarding, training and talent development.

Sometimes for 360 degree feedback. To our great satisfaction, as we have noticed that the quality of interviews, whether they are recruitment, or for example appraisal interviews, has increased dramatically. You have focused points around which to enter into discussion with each other. Furthermore, thanks to the tool, you all speak the same language. You are all talking about the same thing. Not only in the Netherlands, but also abroad.”

Development opportunities 

“Our employees are unbelievably loyal and committed, and in return, we want to be the same for them, as a family business. We want to offer our staff sufficient opportunities for them to develop. This means that a twice-yearly evaluation of someone’s strengths and weaknesses is not sufficient. Continued investment in your personnel, alongside good leadership and the provision of quality and speed are THE success factors for a successful business. The HR-tools in the Self Service Portal (SSP) facilitate this.”

Rolling out SSP abroad

“We are currently primarily working with the tools in the portal with many Dutch operating companies, but I certainly see it rolling out to other countries. That’s why we are always examining the tool critically to ensure it still has added value. For the recruitment and development of mainly operational staff in the shipyard, the portal is not particularly useful. It is, however, for the recruitment and development of staff in top positions, as is happening now at one of our yards in Romania.”

Why did we opt for PiCompany?

  • Strong tool for employer branding
  • Very focused recruitment and development interviews
  • Universal competency language, globally

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