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Talent Analytics at BDO

Talent Analytics at BDO

Talent Analytics for strategic talent management

“BDO wants to be a forerunner in talent management and use talent analytics to make optimal use of its employees and the talent data. This was taken seriously by PiCompany and GITP. They put everything to provide us with a good service.” Talking about the experience is Susan Willems, Talent & Management Development manager at accountants and consultancy organization BDO.

BDO makes use of modular structured talent identification and talent analytics within the context of strategic talent management, with the aim:

  • Gaining insight into employees’ opportunities to develop and utilize specific talents earlier in their career development path.
  • The ability to provide swift insight with the aim of making employees responsible for their own career development.
  • Promoting mobility on the basis of insight into talent.
  • Utilizing existing leadership potential with development programs for organizational development.
BDO in brief
  • Since 1935
  • International accountants and consultancy organization for medium and small enterprises
  • 1,400 branches in 158 countries, 27 of which are in the Netherlands
  • 67,000 employees, 2,400 in the Netherlands
  • Turnover in the Netherlands of around 249 million euros in 2016
  • International Head Office in Brussels
  • Dutch Head Office in Eindhoven
  • www.bdo.nl
The problem

BDO utilizes strategic management to implement its strategy. In doing so, BDO asks itself the following questions:

  • How will our organization develop now and in the future?
  • Are our people in the right place, now and in the future?
  • How do we ensure that our people are also in the right place 5 years from now?
  • What do we need to develop as an organization?
The approach

BDO has set up 3 profiles in which they match the talents of people. These profiles are linked to the various career phases within BDO and the organization’s core values:

  • Talent profile
  • Management profile
  • Partner profile

Modular-structured talent identification 
For objectively supported selection and development decisions, PiCompany and GITP have set up a modular talent identification system for BDO. This system consists of online tooling and various live assessment modules, such as simulations, games and interviews. BDO custom reports match personal talents and preferences to BDO profiles.

To interpret these reports (data from online tooling), BDO has allowed its own Talent Management advisors, recruiters and business partners to be certified by PiCompany. They conduct the interviews with candidates and employees about the match with BDO and the development potential in the profiles.

Measurement of the switch to the new career phase 

Based on the results of the online tooling and live assessments, BDO guides the employee during the actual switch to the next profile. Where the employee is now and what can/must still be developed for the career step are measured. BDO designs the further talent development with coaching interviews and the use of online coaching tools. This method ensures that talent development continues to be monitored.

Assessments with the BDO panel 

For more support in respect of assessments within the BDO organization, the development-assessment modules take place in co-creation with GITP/PiCompany. Susan Willems: “From Talent Management, we have elected to allow assessments to take place with a combined panel. The panel consists of a manager from the business, a talent management advisor or the HR business partner and an advisor from GITP.

The employee can liaise directly with the panel on how to develop in everyday practice. From various perspectives (business, HR, GITP), the employee receives feedback on both current talents and the talents to be developed.

The added value of this approach lies in the fact that an employee also has involvement and receives attention from a manager in their department. The management of the business can then also see which employees possessing which talents are active within BDO. And by doing so, BDO also ensures that further development takes place in practice, by monitoring an assessment which is carried out by a 3-way interview with the employee, the line manager and HR.”

Talent analytics for strategic talent management 

Alongside talent identification and selection, BDO wishes to re-use the talent generated for strategic talent management for the purpose of:

  • promoting mobility on the basis of insight into who can perform best where;
  • development of skills on the basis of insight into talent;
  • insight into the direction in which the organization can develop;
  • succession planning, monitoring in the longer term.

With Talent analytics, PiCompany provides organizations with definitive insight into the existing and potential talent of employees. The results from online tooling are translated visually into a so-called Talent Map.

This Talent Map enables BDO to analyze how the organization relies on specific competencies and where the talent for those specific competencies lies within the organization. This insight makes it possible to utilize Talent Management in a very focused and strategically-supported way.

The result

Utilize and develop talent earlier and in a more focused manner 
“Within the context of talent management, we have insight into where employees’ talents lie at an earlier stage in their career paths, along with how and why they can develop them.

By doing so, we give the employees control over their own development. Based on the Talent Map, we can even look at a group of employees and determine what is logical in terms of throughput and succession planning.

This provides us with sound input to conduct a strategic interview with the board about the development of the business and its employees.”

Setting up development programs and policy decisions 
“We have been involved in Talent Analytics since 2015. At the beginning, the focus of Talent Management was on everyday practice, but the focus now lies on setting up strategic Talent Management. Talent Management has become an indisputable tool in achieving our objectives and responding quickly to future developments.

Talent Analytics from PiCompany gives us the tools to set up development programs and to take policy measures which enable us to utilize the available talent to achieve our strategy.”

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Rodney Piloo
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