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How clients experience and apply the products and services of PiCompany.

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Talent Analytics at BDO

How BDO makes optimal use of available talent for strategy implementation

BDO wants to be a forerunner in talent management and use talent analytics to make optimal use of its employees and the talent dat

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From competency language to commercial values at de Bijenkorf

Employees with shared values create a stronger brand

In conjunction with PiCompany, de Bijenkorf developed a specific competency language, whereby the competencies are converted into business values for each function.

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Damen Shipyards wants to continue to innovate on the international market

Online HR tools contribute to international shipbuilding innovation

Online HR tools contribute to talent management at shipbuilder Damen Shipyard. For continued innovation and quality on the international market.

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Leadership development of a young MT at DearBytes

A strong and effective management team due to insight into talents

Through insight into the talents of managers and team leaders, Dearbytes has been able to create a strong team of managers which is helping DearBytes to forge ahead in market developments.

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Implementing competency management at Mastervolt

Talent development among employees drives your business further

PiCompany advised on the design of a system of competency management that most suited the innovative organization that Mastervolt is.

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Global job standard created at Unisys

Behavior and competencies of Service Delivery Managers in a group image

PiCompany created for Unisys a group image of the behavior and development potential of Service Delivery Managers from various European countries.