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Focused on people and data-driven: that is how we make Advanced Talent Management possible for organizations. We provide the data that offers insight into the talents of employees. We do this using advanced online solutions, tools and reports.

More than tools and technology 
Focused on people and data-driven: that is how we, together with our clients, approach talent management. We are more than tools and technology. We advise clients on the design and implementation of advanced online talent management solutions. This is also reflected in the way we work. The reliability and thoroughness of our tools is matched by the way in which we deliver our advice and services.

Building blocks for Advanced Talent Management 
Our product portfolio encompasses all the building blocks for talent management. Using our advanced tools, organizations can identifymatch and develop the talents and ambitions of their employees.

Advanced tools with clear reports 
PiCompany offers advanced tools for talent management. For additional insights, we can also provide organizations with dashboards listing all relevant talent data.

Our online assessment and development tools provide an insight into the behavior, cognition, personality and motivations of individuals, groups and organizations. This is how we put organizations into a position where they can shape their talent management in order to take a targeted and data-driven approach to preselection, selection and development. Our tools and our solutions are:

  • practical and easy to use
  • connectable, modular, scalable
  • scientifically-based, COTAN assessed
  • part of proven technology: robust and compatible

Service-oriented working method 
The keywords in our service-oriented working method are:

  • customer-orientation
  • accessible
  • flexible

There is continuous personal contact, to ensure that you receive a solution that works for you. Our approach is always pragmatic: we take a level-headed approach to collaborating with you to find solutions that can be applied the very next day and will lead to concrete results.