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Origins and identity

Giving organizations an insight into their talents, using scientifically-proven tools that can be implemented immediately. Being consumer-friendly, accessible and flexible in all our work. Get to know PiCompany.

Our DNA 
PiCompany was founded in 1994 under the name PiMedia. From the very start, our goal was to provide organizations with the ability to gain an independent insight into the behavior and performance of managers and employees. The first ground-breaking online product at that time was the 360 degree feedback tool, Reflector. Over the years, PiCompany has developed a range of products that allows organizations to identify, match and develop their talent. PiCompany has now become the market leader in online assessment and development tools.

As a leader in the field of online tools, PiCompany continues to innovate and reinvent itself. With our scientifically-based tools and reports, and the hands-on support we offer in their use, we embody Advanced Talent Management.

Scientific basis 
PiCompany has a long scientific tradition. The products and services benefit from a strong scientific grounding, through our collaboration with scientific research centers. Three PhD graduates work for PiCompany’s R&D department, which plays an active role in prominent scientific research associations such as the International Test Commission and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Client-focused, accessible and flexible 
HR is all about working with people. This means that PiCompany is a lot more than just tools and technology. We are close to our clients and are client-focused, accessible and flexible. We love working in co-makership to achieve results.

100% subsidiary of GITP 
PiCompany has been a subsidiary of GITP since November 2010. This consultancy firm offers services such as assessments, organizational advice, training, coaching, recruitment and selection. PiCompany uses advanced assessment and development tools, and data-driven talent analytics to offer organizations an insight into the talents of employees. Together, both companies have an innovative and powerful range of HR solutions at their disposal.