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Mission and vision

PiCompany provides organizations with an insight into the talent, employability and development potential of employees. Using our advanced tools and Talent Analytics, we bring people and data together. This is how we prepare organizations for success.

Advanced Talent Management

Technological developments allow us to offer new, integrated forms of talent management: online, flexible, data-driven. This provides you with 24/7 insight into the talent, employability and development potential of your employees. Data-driven insights allow you to make focused and well-considered decisions.

The future of talent management is people-oriented and data-driven. To be flexible and adapt to market developments, organizations need an insight into available talent. Our advanced tools and reports make this possible. This is the core of our service, the essence of our mission: we give organizations the ability to identify talent, match it and develop it further. For the future of people and the organizations in which they work, with the goal of promoting the success of employees and organizations.

Insight provided by Talent Tools and Talent Analytics 
At PiCompany, everything revolves around providing insight. PiCompany is equipped with all the necessary building blocks for a comprehensive approach to talent management:

  • advanced tools for preselection, selection and development
  • advanced Talent Analytics applications
  • high-quality consultancy for the design and implementation of data-driven talent management solutions

Our solutions are modular and scalable. Based on robust technology that works.

The basis for analytics 
Organizations decide for themselves at what speed and with which building blocks they want to get to work. They can choose which tools they want to use, for example, selection and matching, via their own self-service portal. The deployment of assessment and development tools also provides a wealth of “talent data.” Using our talent analytics applications, we unlock this data for organizations.